Controlling two articulating arms with command of the PS2 in Arduino

October 25, 2016 - 1 minute read

We are designing an arm articulated for the management of a camcorder that allows us, from the command of the playstation, control several movements of the camera in a softer way that doing it manually and provided, accompanied by the management of the zoom from the tablet, the recording of events in which we want to play with the image.

We have built two articulated, consisting of two servo arms each, which rotate from right to left and above and below, that will allow us to put the camera on one of them to traverse the X axes e and recording, but from a very focal. To the other arm you will incorporate some extensions that us allow make them same turns but with displacement of the camera.

At the moment it is only a sketch, and what we have achieved is that the command of the PS2 serve to direct these two friendly contraptions that look like two robots arguing among themselves.

Anyone who wants to learn who has access to the contact section and we will inform you about our robotic workshops or the way in which get these designs.

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