Design and production of thermograph digital for autoclave food

October 25, 2016 - 1 minute read

img_2014The first project of industrial robotics that we have undertaken has been the design and production of a digital recorder for the control of the sterilization in an autoclave process food.

The autoclave had an old analog recorder who by the time had been losing precision. It was therefore necessary to make a new design which would guarantee control throughout the process, and remain registered in way more manageable than old paper data discs.

By this decided to put us hands to the work and design from zero the device based us on the possibilities of the Arduino ONE.

In this first version, because safe there will be version improved of the same, have built-in a probe submersible that supports temperatures upper to them 180 degrees centigrade, a lcd with buttons from which can program the sequence on which work, in temperature and time, and a recorder of SD with clock internal to ensure the record detailed of the process.

After several experiments have presented this first model, fully valid and effective, that not only us advises promptly of the temperature and the time of the process of sterilization, if not that goes leaving the record in the card SD to be imported easily by Excel or any other database that handle the format CSV. This "log" we find all the data necessary to ensure correct sterilization process traceability according to dictate health standards.

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