Vehicles adaptation
for special uses,

Our cooperation projects aim to facilitate the development of rural areas , studying their situation to find the most appropriate to their social and demographic reality and popular sovereignty project.

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Our facilities in Road Aldehuela 1.1 Km Carcaboso enjoy the necessary infrastructure to develop all our projects
Agroecological area

We have worked on the adaptation of vehicles for the promotion of organic farming as information centers and interpretation
Making life easier

Some of our vehicles are now working in the most inhospitable areas favoring relief efforts and cooperation to those most in need .

AVES Extremadura SLL

AVES Extremadura SLL, is a social economy company adhered to the commitment of companies in the economy for the common good , collaborating with the  Ong Asamblea de Cooperación por la Paz and awarded with the Award of Excellence for Innovation for Rural Women in 2011 by the Ministry of Environment , Rural and Marine Affairs.

We do all kind of cooperation projects . We analyze the needs of the environment through a social and demographic study and contribute with solutions  based on sustainability , rural development and popular sovereignty.

We have a large group of experts from different sectors that guarantee the suitability of the project to the environment for which it is proposed .

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Main activitie

Comprehensive and bodywork accommodations of vehicles including medical vehicles , mobile classrooms and offices, commercial cars,  adaptation for disabled guests , car security forces adaptation , etc.

We also design cooperation projects adapted to demographic and social needs of the environment in which are developed, with previous study of them. Not only in developing country but also in particularly exposed areas .

Development of agroecology

In addition we dare to take a new path in agroecology. AVES Extremadura has available in Carcaboso agroecological 5-hectares farm , the farm Huecos del  Arroyo. Given the experience with some of the partners in organic farming we have chosen to manage the farm as agro-ecological model development and either through agriculture or ecological farming.

Ecotecnologies development

We apply our knowledge and experience to the implementation of development projects in areas particularly exposed as plant biodiesel from used vegetable oil , solar Kitchen, plant biogas from organic waste, biomass boiler , dry toilet , Adaptation of agricultural machinery with renewable fuels , Adaptation of agricultural implements for use traction animal. And we offer the possibility of implementing the latest audiovisual , computer or robotics development techniques.

Previous works

AVES Extremadura SLL works mainly in the adaptation of vehicles to transport people with disabilities , but also to access areas of difficult terrain in remote territories

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Agroecological projects

AVES Extremadura SLL also promotes projects arising from agro-ecology , with more than 5 hectares at our disposal for the development of our activities and extensive infrastructure available. The farm `` Arroyo pits `` offers a very defined agro-ecological development model , with large areas devoted to organic farming , classrooms and spaces for teaching, and livestock managed under the Voisin system.

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