Exhibition on Samana

September 24, 2014 - 1 minute read

Our colleagues Jon Kelmen and Alberto Cañedo were in the Samana peninsula, in the Republic Dominican, preparing the ground for our project of creation of a plant of biodiesel processing and preparation of handmade soaps. On their journey they took to take some pictures.

After 15 days there, our colleague, the prestigious Basque photographer, Jon Kelmen, brought an impressive collection of pictures that show us the life in this territory, far from the great luxury living in the resorts that we usually know of the area. It is an exhibition that opens a window into the life of a humble, simple and hard-working people.

posterThe collection Carcaboso was exposed for a couple of months and now will be moved to new sites where to visit it. Continue reporting of your journey so can visit it. It consists of a total of 79 photographs divided into different sections which shows from the more paradiasiacos landscapes up to the eyes of these people that we offered so much care in our visit.

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